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A Day in the Life of Exploring Mt. Vesuvius
Wednesday, 2 December 2009
The LACMA: Pompeii and Roman Villa Exhibit
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The LACMA Pompeii and Roman Villa Exhibit was unfortunately not among my favorites. Unlike the Getty Villa, I wasn't surrounded by almost 100% pure Roman culture. Don't get me wrong, there were some interesting artifacts, but it just wasn't the same... Getting back on track, my assignment was to review a previously chosen topic during our stay at the exhibit. My topic required me to review the effects of the ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on the artifacts that survived. Here are the notes that i came out with:

  • Most of the surviving artwork in the exhibit has remained in outstanding condition considered the extremes they were put through. There are some cracks here and there, but is phenomenal for what it is. 
  • Bronze statues show signs of rust (light blue/green).
  • Scratch that, ALL bronze items showed some light to heavy signs of rust.
  • Marble remained pristine with some cracks here and there, which is expected from artifacts of this age.
Then here are a couple other observations i made with my extra time:
  • Oscilla hung between columns and perstyles. They swayed back and forth in the breeze.
  • Majority of people participated in outdoor activities, whether tending the garden, walking in the garden, or having study classes outdoors. 
  • Bay of Naples disappeared under live groves and vineyards but Pompeii lived on in folk memory until a decade after 1738. News of rediscovery spread throughout Europe.
I do not have an pictures unfortunately. It was tough to find a lot of info on my topic for it was very specific, and the exhibit wasn't that big. 
Now that I have shared my experiences directly or indirectly relating to mt. Vesuvius, please feel free to share yours and we can learn from each other. Thanks all! 

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Getty Villa

This was by far my favorite exhibit, and would like to share with you all some amazing pictures of the garden:




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Pictures (continued)


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More Pictures of the Getty Villa Scavenger Hunt
Topic: Frescoes

I wanted to blow up the picture to be able to show the details in the frescoes for you all. However, there is a downside to this. I wont be able to show all the frescoes that i found, but i will upload 3 others from each style, enjoy!


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My Visit to the Jaw Dropping Getty Villa in Malibu
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Topic: Frescoes

I'm back! Finally. I had my first home basketball game last night and we won our season opener! I wasn't able to update last night because i was so swamped after the long day of school and the grueling game. Without further adieu, here are the results of my Roman fresco scavenger hunt at the Getty Villa:

For the scavenger hunt, my class was required to run about the Getty Villa, trying to track down at least 15 Roman frescoes, take pictures of each one, and identify which style of Roman painting it fell under. THere were four of these Roman painting styles:

  1. Style 1 - "Incrustation" imitation of marble veneering, resembled slabs of colored marble.
  2. Style 2 - "Architectural" - opened up the wall, had lots of shading to provide a 3-D effect, usually framed by painted columns.
  3. Style 3 - "Ornamental" - abandoned style 2's characteristics, has an obvious border around the painting to give a picture gallery effect.
  4. Style 4 - "Intricate Style" - takes a little bit of all the styles and mixes it into one. Has an "intricate" look.
Here are the pictures that i found!


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Monday, 30 November 2009
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Hey everyone! This is my first blog so constructive criticism is welcomed. If you have any experiences, information, pictures, thoughts, or questions about Mt. Vesuvius, please feel free to post! I will be putting up pictures and notes that i took from my visits to the Getty Villa and LACMA exhibit Pompeii and the Roman Villa very shortly. Cant wait to share my knowledge with you all, enjoy!

Posted by trevorsblog at 11:19 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 1 December 2009 12:14 AM EST

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